Fidelity Criteria for Lived Experience (Peer) workforces’ lecturers

The aim of this initiative is to ensure students have access to contemporary and diverse Lived Experience (Peer) work concepts and approaches across a diversity of workforces including consumer, family carer, Aboriginal, LGBTIQ+, mental health, alcohol and other drugs working in front line services, research, education, systemic advocacy etc.

Wellrounded have been engaged to lead this work in developing a fidelity criterion, identifying Lived Experience lecturers and their engagement with education providers delivering peer work training.

A half day workshop will be held on 6 June 2024 is an opportunity for the Lived Experience (Peer) sector to come together to co create a shared understanding of the wisdom, skills, Lived Experience, and or qualifications of speakers that are best suited to represent the sector and enrich the educational experience of Lived Experience (Peer) students.

More information can be found here.

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