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Coordination and Communications Centre for Psychiatric Hostels


The Mental Health Commission has been working closely with agencies, and across the sector specifically in relation to COVID-19 planning for licensed psychiatric hostels.

Through this work, it has been identified that a coordinated approach is required to streamline and embed escalation and communication processes for all stakeholders.

To address this, the Commission has established the Coordination and Communications Centre to implement a range of strategies to support the psychiatric hostels during this period.

Information and directions regarding COVID-19 transition and face mask requirement in high risk settings can be downloaded here.


Purple image with title Coordination and Communications Centre for Psychiatric Hostels

Download the Licensed Psychiatric Hostels Forum Presentation - 23 March 2022 

Very High Case Load Settings

As of 12:01am, Friday 29 April, eased public health measures have taken effect in Western Australia. For more information, click here. 

For historical information on very high caseload settings, that were introduced in Western Australia on 10 March 2022, click here. 

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