National Drug Strategy Household Survey

About the survey

The National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS) is a survey conducted every three years by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare as part of the National Drug Strategy. The survey measures the prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and drug use, and attitudes toward these substances, across Australia. The most recent study was undertaken in 2016 and results are anticipated to be released in mid-late 2017.

Data collected from the NDSHS contributes to the development of national and state policies on drug and alcohol-related issues.

Who participates?

Households are randomly selected to take part in the NDSHS. One person aged 12 years or older is asked to complete the survey in each selected household.

As the NDSHS is based on households, homeless and institutionalised people do not participate in the survey.

The full 2013 NDSHS can be found here:

2013 NDSHS National Report

Western Australian results

Western Australian results from the NDSHS responses are analysed by the Mental Health Commission, and compiled into a report presenting estimates calculated from the survey results and weighted to the appropriate Australian population grouped by age, gender and geographical location.

2013 NDSHS WA Introduction
2013 NDSHS WA Executive Summary
2013 NDSHS WA Supplementary Tables

More information

Contact the Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation team on (08) 6553 0600 or email for more information about the survey or to obtain previous years’ results.

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