Drug and Alcohol Interagency Strategic Framework for Western Australia 2011-2015

Alcohol and other drug use results in significant health, social and economic costs to the community, such as illness and injury, crime, violence and family relationship breakdown. 

The Drug and Alcohol Interagency Strategic Framework for Western Australia 2011-2015 (the Framework) provides a guide for Government, non-government organisations and the community with the goal of reducing and preventing the impacts of alcohol and other drugs in the Western Australian community.

The Framework is underpinned by two core elements: firstly a primary focus on prevention, and secondly, providing support to those who need it.  The key strategic areas are:

  • Focusing on prevention
  • Intervening before problems become entrenched
  • Effective law enforcement approaches
  • Effective treatment and support services
  • Strategic coordination and capacity building.

The Statewide Framework is necessarily broad; however it is also important that alcohol and other drug policy and programs have the flexibility to respond to new and emerging issues, and the changing needs of government, the community and other key stakeholders.

This is particularly important at a local level where the specific and often unique circumstances of a community must be considered in local planning, program delivery and intervention. For example in responding to volatile substance use issues in specific locations, or developing and implementing localised responses in communities experiencing disproportionate problems relating to alcohol use. 

The Framework was developed by the Drug and Alcohol Strategic Senior Officers’ Group in targeted consultation with key stakeholders and the community. 

The Mental Health Commission, in consultation with the Drug and Alcohol Strategic Senior Officers Group, is currently revising the Framework to build on past achievements and reflect:

  • changes in drug issues and trends including emerging issues
  • gaps in current service provision
  • new government policy positions and strategic directions such as those outlined in the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Services Plan 2015-2025: Better Choices. Better Lives and the WA Meth Strategy 2016
  • new and emerging evidence.