System-Wide Data Working Group

Terms of Reference 

The System-Wide Data Working Group (SWDWG) is a sub-committee of the Mental Health Executive Committee (MHEC) and the Community Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drug Council (CMC).

The SWDWG was formed to support the MHEC and the CMC by undertaking time-limited data-related projects. These projects provide important access to timely and robust data and advice for monitoring, reporting and evaluation of the mental health and AOD sector while protecting patient privacy and confidentiality as well as the data governance principles of the participating organisations.

Its work is critical in informing and supporting the MHEC and the CMC in driving the development, reform and delivery of mental health, alcohol and other drug services in Western Australia.


  1. Lived experience – the lived experience of consumers and carers is acknowledged and guides the SWDWG in carrying out its role and functions.
  2. Effective collaboration – members of the SWDWG work collaboratively to share data and information to achieve project outcomes.
  3. Evidence based decision making – data and information is used by the SWDWG to provide advice and support evidence-based decision-making.
  4. Create efficiencies – efforts will be made to create efficiencies and avoid unnecessary reporting burden.


The SWDWG’s membership comprises of the following:

  • Assistant Director System-Wide Performance, Mental Health Commission – Chair
  • Head of System Development, Mental Health Commission
  • Assistant Director Performance, Mental Health Commission
  • Representatives nominated by MHEC and CMC
  • Consumer representative – member of the MHEC and CMC
  • Carer representative – member of the MHEC and CMC

The SWDWG meet on an as required basis, dependent on the specific project requirements. 

Governance and Reporting

The reporting structure between the Minister for Mental Health, the MHEC, the CMC, the Mental Health Leads Sub-committee and the SWDWG is shown on the right.

Throughout the year, the Chair of the SWDWG provides an update at each MHEC and CMC meeting for consideration, endorsement and/or approval.

Diagram showing the reporting structure of the System-Wide Data Working Group

This can include discussions and any deliverables produced by the SWDWG. Through the Chair, additional papers can be provided to the MHEC and CMC out-of-session.

The Mental Health Leads Sub-Committee is also consulted and provided with an opportunity to review deliverables prior to submission to the MHEC and the CMC.

MHEC and CMC representatives on the SWDWG are expected to brief their respective Chief Executive Officer/ Director General through their own internal briefing process regarding discussions and outcomes of the SWDWG’s meetings.

Development of an Outcomes Measurement Framework for the WA State Priorities 2020-2024 – first project of the SWDWG

Requested by the MHEC and CMC, the first project of the SWDWG is to develop an Outcomes Measurement Framework (OMF) to report on progress with achieving the outcomes anticipated in the WA State Priorities Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs 2020 – 2024, and to support evidence-based decision-making for Government, service providers and other key stakeholders in the mental health and AOD sectors.

The project considers existing relevant reporting frameworks and the information needs of stakeholders and seeks to avoid unnecessary reporting burden for services, clinicians, and consumers. The OMF seeks to provide a way to clearly and effectively measure the impact of our mental health and AOD activities. The outcomes included in the OMF seek to articulate what success looks like for our services, the system and State as a whole. The lived experience of consumers, carers and families is an important guiding principle. The project seeks to adopt an innovative approach by developing outcomes that are meaningful to those with a lived experience.

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