Campaigns and programs

The Commission delivers two major public health campaigns: Drug Aware and Alcohol. Think Again. Both campaigns include broadcast, print and online advertising, educational programs, publications and resources, and sponsorship. 

We also run the successful Strong Spirit Strong Mind Aboriginal program, which is a comprehensive program aimed at Aboriginal people in the community as well as professionals in the mental health, alcohol and other drug sectors. 

Drug Aware

The Drug Aware campaign is aimed at informing young people about drugs to prevent and delay the onset of illicit drug use. The campaign website provides credible, factual information about drugs, where to get help and other drug-related topics to help young people make informed decisions.

Alcohol. Think Again

The Alcohol. Think Again campaign is aimed at reducing risky alcohol use by changing the way people think about alcohol. The campaign uses media and other mediums to raise awareness about binge drinking and the problems it causes at a community level.

Strong Spirit Strong Mind Aboriginal Programs

Strong Spirit Strong Mind (SSSM) Aboriginal Programs is a culturally secure program that has a key role within the Commission and underpins and supports a range of other programs, practices and policies delivered by the Commission. 

As a Registered Training Organisation (ID 50293), SSSM programs deliver a culturally secure Certificate III in Community Services (CHC 32015) and Certificate IV in Alcohol and other Drugs (CHC 43215) to Aboriginal workers across Western Australia.