Our role

A Western Australian community that experiences minimal alcohol and other drug-related harms and optimal mental health

The Mental Health Commission strives to establish mental health, alcohol and other drug systems that meet the needs of Western Australia’s population and deliver quality outcomes for individuals and their families. Our mission is to be a respected leader in commissioning, providing and partnering in the delivery of:

  • prevention, promotion and early intervention programs
  • treatment, services and supports
  • research, policy and system improvements.

On 1 July 2015, the Mental Health Commission and the Drug and Alcohol Office amalgamated, establishing an integrated approach to mental health and alcohol and other drugs service delivery for Western Australia. The merger recognises that commonly, drug and alcohol and mental health problems co-exist. Studies estimate that at least 30% to 50% of people with mental health or alcohol or other drug problems have co-occurring problems.

We are guided by the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025, which sets out the optimal mix and level of mental health, alcohol and other drug services required for the people of Western Australia.

For more information about our role see our Annual Reports or the Our services pages.