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ICA Clinical Expert Advisory Group

The ICA Taskforce will be informed and supported by three expert advisory groups (EAGs) – clinical, lived experience and interagency. 

Clinical Expert Advisory Group

Name Agency Title
Dr Andrew Leech Headspace, Emerging Minds, Queensgate Medical Centre GP
Dr Antonia Momber WACHS CAMHS - Wheatbelt Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Dr Brad Jongeling CAHS Child Development Services Developmental Paediatrician
Chelsea Catchpole CAHS CAMHS - Inpatient Unit Staff Development Nurse
Dr Chinar Goel KEMH Consultant Youth Psychiatrist
Chris Gostelow Department of Education Chief Psychologist
Christina Foo CAHS CAMHS (Community) Senior Social Worker
Claire Guild CAHS CAMHS (Community) Senior Case Coordinator / Clinical Nurse Specialist
Corinne Hoebert WACHS CAMHS - Goldfields Team Leader
Dr Daniela Vecchio FSH Consultant Psychiatrist
David Lawrence UWA Principal Research Fellow
Dr Hayden Wilson Swiss Family Care Consultant Psychiatrist
Ilona Law NMHS - Youth Axis Clinical Nurse Specialist / Triage Officer
Dr Jacques Claassen NMHS Forensic Consultant Psychiatrist
Jennifer Brown NMHS Senior Social Worker
Jennifer Griffiths NMHS - Youth Link Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Josie Ford CAHS CAMHS Aboriginal Mental Health Coordinator
Karla Cloke EMHS - EMyU Senior Clinical Psychologist
Katie Browning CAHS CAMHS - Eating Disorders Senior Occupational Therapist
Lisa Kickett CAHS CAMHS (Community) Aboriginal Mental Health Worker
Dr Lisa Miller NMHS - WA Eating Disorders Outreach and Consultation Service (WAEDOCS) Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist
Dr Lynn Jones RANZCP / CAHS CAMHS Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Mark Porter CAHS CAMHS - Multisystemic Therapy Psychologist
Dr Mathew Coleman WACHS Adult Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Mathew Reichard CAHS CAMHS Touchstone Clinical Nurse Specialist
Dr Michael Verheggen NMHS, Joondalup Health Campus, RANZCP Consultant Consultation Liaison Psychiatrist
Dr Nadine Caunt CAHS CAMHS - Post Graduate Education Psychiatrist Training Director (CAMHS)
Neal Ruane WACHS CAMHS - Pilbara Snr Health Professional Mental Health
Roisin Maguire WACHS - Kimberly Mental Health and Drug Services Mental Health Professional (nursing)
Sally Green CAHS CAMHS Senior Clinical Psychologist
Shannon McNeair Dept of Communities - Pilbara Psychologist
Vernon Dann WACHS - Kimberley Mental Health and Drug Service Aboriginal Mental Health Worker
Dr Vineet Padmanabhan WACHS CAMHS - Kimberley Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Zamia Pedro CAHS CAMHS - Pediatric Consultation Liaison Clinical Psychologist

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